I Wanted to Write About Loneliness

by James Babbs

opening the front door
entering these silent rooms again
and I watch the sunlight
falling over the gray carpet
I wanted to write about loneliness
but I got on the computer and
googled the name of a woman
I met last week at work
but I didn’t really find anything
so I went to change my clothes
I wanted to write about loneliness
but started pouring the wine
I had music playing on
the stereo in the basement and
I listened to the sounds
that came rolling up the stairs
when I finished the wine
I started on the beer
thinking about an old girlfriend
how one night she danced for me and
I wanted to write about loneliness
gazing out the window
looking across the empty fields
I thought about calling someone
but didn’t have their number
so I sat in the kitchen
slowly drinking another beer

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