by Mather Schneider

The bookstore sells home divorce packets
or “kits”.
Certain people will come in and buy one
like it was an afterthought, along
with a best selling novel
and a book on tape.

Others come in drunk
or angry or crying
and others say things
like “It’s for my brother”
and still others stand
staring down the jury of shoppers.

Sometimes a family will arrive together,
the children running off to KIDS’ KORNER,
father shuffling off to GUNS AND AMMO
and mother gravitating over
to the home divorce packets.

I imagine it’s possible to fall in love
there at the divorce packet rack,
but it is more common for two
people to be bickering
over the last one.

There is a sign behind
the last one
that reads:


And someone always does,
bless their heart.

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One Response to TIME TO ORDER MORE

  1. Mel says:

    enjoyed these

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