Movie Review

by John Rocco

I threw up an entire summer
license plates and fish heads
at the movies
which will always be a
vomit dream for me
the dream wave cities
my puke waves
covering my sneakers
filling my socks.

Summers are tough
for me
slugging out the Bogart inside
is rough with whisky, women
and song. The songs are of the
crushing early morning
when all the pretty birds singing
need to die die die die.
The whiskey is strong.
The women are stronger.

I ruined the movie
and I hear it’s a good one
but the flowing vomit
turned into a stream
and it covered the seats
and then the vomit turned into
a river crashing through
the screen with rafts
on it with Huck giving
us the finger and then
the river expanded into
an ocean of vomit
with huge ocean liners
passing, their decks
packed with champagne
drinking passengers and
confetti filled the air
falling through the air
to show me the clouds
above the vomit:

We are the
clouds that melt and die
grow and get born
to be blown apart
by the careless wind
on its way home.

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4 Responses to Movie Review

  1. I don’t understand the license plate reference. Are you throwing up license plates? Or are license plates just disgusting to you?

  2. John says:

    It’s a reference to the film JAWS. Thanks for reading!

  3. Oh, the narrator is Jaws. I get it.

  4. John says:

    The narrator is not JAWS. He’s E.T.!

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