Above All The Marshes

by Paul Vincent Andrews

My Halo walks with me
through the Marsh

her booted feet
tip tap my
breathing chest

as we move further
through ancient estuaries
where heavenly compost
ignites blue methane
known locally
as Will o’ the wisps

her small
sanguine hands
clutch my
Woolworth shirt

up there
we do
not talk
about fathers
and wives

she whispers

“That way…”

as the invisible
eyes of lowland
animals palpitate
and red wing
black birds
stare inquisitively
at shiny dimes
thrown into the water

she, the angel niece
and is Copper
the baby hound

I am Zeus, the
neighbor’s dog
who fathered
a glorious litter
of Australian
with duotone
eyes and soft

the Sylvan
scene quiets
our thoughts
excites our
flashing irises
as we wander
and wonder
deeper through
reedy new
paths to
the waterfall

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2 Responses to Above All The Marshes

  1. Steve Gulvezan says:

    Paul Vincent Andrews writes with the deft touch of a painter with words…

  2. Mark James Andrews says:

    The jewel center heart of Cassidy aloft and safe with a sense of wonder on her uncle huge as St Christopher comes beating in your language sea as I read this in Budapest dreaming of Point Pelee….

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