Top of the World

by John Rocco

I was in a bar
I hadn’t been in
for a long time
because I had
avoided it.

This guy at the end
of the bar
who I had never
seen before
got up and
came over to
shake my hand
and slap me
on the back.

“You look great!”
he said
“You look like
you’re on top
of the world!”

I had no idea
who he was
and told him.

“We had a
great conversation
once, here
a year ago, more.
You looked
terrible then but
now! But now
you look great!”

I just didn’t remember him
or our great conversation
and couldn’t understand
what kind of metamorphosis
he thinks I’ve gone through.
He slaps me on the back again
and goes back to his drinks and friends.

The world is in the bathroom
doing drugs
getting its knob polished
when I leave.
He grabs my hand
again to shake it
again to say:
“You’re on top of the world!”

When I get home
there is not so old
cold Chinese food
and three cold beers
in the refrigerator.


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