I Don’t Want Your Facebook

by James Babbs

I don’t want your Facebook
I don’t need your emails
asking me to be your friend
I want a real person
standing in front of me
someone who can touch me
willing to talk to me
in real-time and
what’s wrong with that
it’s true
I don’t know what I want
I feel lost and
a little bit afraid
but I’m pretty sure
I don’t need
understanding that comes
from an online community
among endless bits of data
I’m perfectly wiling to admit
there’s something wrong with me
I know
I’m not in sync
with the rest of the world
I’m just too old
or too afraid or something
but I can’t help it
I just want somebody here with me
somebody close enough
for me to look into their eyes

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3 Responses to I Don’t Want Your Facebook

  1. Joyce Juzwik says:

    Well said, James. In this world of ‘status updates’ vs. a face-to-face how are you, I am fine, and texting instead of actually saying hello, sometimes you wonder if you’re not into all that, there must be something wrong with you. I mean, seek the actual company of other people? Oh please. This makes you smile, but it also makes you think long and hard. Great job.

  2. Donal Mahoney says:

    What I like best about this poem is the author’s willingness to be politically incorrect. He himself says “maybe/I’m just too old” when it comes to Facebook. And as someone who agrees with his wariness about all things Facebook, I think, in my case at least, being long of tooth keeps the appeal of Facebook a mystery that I long ago quit trying to solve.

  3. Paul Hellweg says:

    I have vast respect for anyone who is out of sync with a world that is out of sync with its soul.

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