by J. F. Juzwik

I really think I need to come in out of the cold
As a little girl I stood
Jeans, sneakers and pigtails
Looking in all the windows
At all the prissy bigger girls
Party dresses, pumps and ribbons
Giggly and silly
Coddled and pampered
Glad I was stronger
Glad I was on my own
And I hardly ever shivered
I wasn’t into recitals and teaparties
Life rushed through my veins
Like the candy on the streets
And hooked me just as hard
But the little girl is gone now
Wherever it is that little girls go
And I still stand
Jeans, sneakers and pigtails
Looking in all the windows
At all the beautiful ladies
Gowns, heels and curls
Classy and confident
Respected and accomplished
Wondering when they stopped being leaners
Knowing they’d never be alone
The icy night air surges through me
As I am told to move along
Just as well
If I keep moving
I don’t shiver so bad
And besides,
I was going anyway
But there is always another window
If I keep looking
Maybe I can find it
You know,
The one where it is that all the little girls go
When they really do need to come in out of the cold

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2 Responses to THE COLD

  1. This has an immediacy in its voice that catches you and the poetry moves so easily. The simple mirrroring of past and present conveyed emotively through the static sense of an outsider, I really enjoyed this.

  2. Joyce Juzwik says:

    Thank you so much, Richard. I really appreciate your comments.

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