Please Permit Me to Introduce Myself

by Melanie Browne

I’ve only been
around about 41 years,
I was born too late
to see Woodstock,
or even Altamont
and I’m still really
bummed about it,
I was around when
Tammy Faye’s
mascara began to run,
I didn’t stick
around though,
because I had to
go to a rave
with a guy who drove
a Mercedes 280 E,
all the pretty colors
kept me alive,
I have no pact to offer
you, I can’t promise
fame, nose candy,
or groupies,
But I know someone who got
a five year
adjustable rate mortgage
around 3.47 percent,
their children go to
a Catholic school,
they can’t dress as
anything scary for

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One Response to Please Permit Me to Introduce Myself

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