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with no peaceful resolution in sight

by J.J. Campbell trailer park small white town in ohio a bullet goes through a trailer the police are called a deputy investigating the complaint pulls out her camera to take a photo of a footprint that deputy is shot … Continue reading

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by Alan Catlin after reading Jackie Sheeler After my mother died the city cop in Midtown South Manhattan recognized the writing on the evidence envelope as his own, recalled the unattended death crosstown in Martha Washington Hotel for Women as … Continue reading

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Mostly Basie with a Little Bach

Whenever I see a new woman, I know I should look at her hair and her eyes and her smile before I decide if she’s worth the small talk and the dinner later and whatever else she may require before … Continue reading

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new issue of Gutter Eloquence One of my fav zines, I finally found enough free time to check out the latest release! –Ross Vassilev

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Anytime Mintues

by Lawrence Gladeview ever wonder who everyone’s calling on their cell phones? suicide prevention hotline please hold [cue cute piano music] please stay on the line your crisis is important to us and will be answered in the order it … Continue reading

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by Gary Beck Puny dreamer of caravans riding the subway freighted with mindless drools dead, but seemingly sleeping, rattle the paper every corpse for stations (time for motions of illusion) come like ermine visions, conductors soliloquy mumbled, then the Canal … Continue reading

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The horses

by Joseph Farley Orwell knew the work horse’s fate, Labor for years pulling wheeled carts And the iron blade of the plow. Old and sick the glue factory waits, While the pigs who run the show Sit on the lawn … Continue reading

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his heart knows the way

by D.B. Cox — for R.L. Burnside (Bluesman 1926-2005) standing in front of a soundless band dressed in a blinding-white suit a delta angel’s guitar speaks— a timeless language no longer spoken by common man— an indigo solo in free-time … Continue reading

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pushes a little cart table to table busing dishes. i’ve watched her a thousand times. don’t know why but for the first time i see her as a sexual entity. heavy through flank but a bright kind face she has … Continue reading

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by John Rocco After the $30 lap dance the nineteen-year-old stripper Kali told me that the world was going to end soon next year two years the latest and this was only her second night working at the club. After … Continue reading

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Snow Storm

by John Rocco It’s late: after 3 AM New York blasted on snow all night long covering everybody everything streets cars bars houses buses buildings and the women I know who don’t talk to me anymore. I wonder where they … Continue reading

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A Novel Observation – American Truth Chronicles #10

by Craig Firsdon Today you can walk down any street, cruise any highway, look in any window and see nothing but unwritten novels on the virgin canvas of the human spirit sacrificed by illiteracy and ignorance, epics that would make … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam and Pol Pot

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Surrounding a Nuclear Weapons Plant, October 1983

by Mark Blaeuer Scramble to a fence and pasture off-complex: a sutured green, a mask for ICBM triggers (plutonium spheres, each the size of a child’s ball). Nearby, a Sony boombox: World Series, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Philadelphia, despite enmity’s link … Continue reading

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Internal Affairs

by Kyle Hemmings In the underground of a mission-style house of worship, you were a priestess of church bingo fixing all the numbers, I couldn’t even win a free space with a city woman who climaxed like a hyena. When … Continue reading

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by Allen K. McGann Across the table they sat in judgment Of my actions on that day, On a Paradise land, Of jungle and sand, That seems so far away. I was taught a hundred ways To open wide death’s … Continue reading

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Warped American Dream

by Doug Draime No one in my home town knew the connection between Little Richard and Norman Mailer I would listen to Long Tall Sally and the flip side Jenny, Jenny on my 45 RPM locked up in my room … Continue reading

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Slowly Dying Here in the Suburbs

by Melanie Browne slowly dying here in the suburbs, my heart beats a little slower every day, no sky to look at, only people trimming the hedges, or walking dogs on designer leashes, I am surely rotting here in the … Continue reading

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review of ‘Apostle Rising’

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by John Swain I will write all to you forever with a pen of clear ink water because you are permanent, alone and undreamt in the flesh. I write the same book again to make the passing world real, but … Continue reading

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magical bar across the parking lot

by John Grochalski once upon a time there was this magical bar across the parking lot from the wine store where i worked i usually went there on my lunches not every one but the ones that came after the … Continue reading

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as a child

by Paul Harrison they cut it out they had to fearing for my left and so tonight i fear as well they cut it out and now the grip is back is tense and dense and left and back and … Continue reading

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new chap

Epic Rites Press is massively pleased to announce the release of Can’t Stop Now! by John Yamrus, his eighteenth book of poetry. Attached you’ll find a press release for Can’t Stop Now!, plus exterior book images by the great multi-media artist Pablo … Continue reading

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by RD Armstrong Back in ‘74 When I was just Starting out in Construction I met an old guy Who had been Pretty much broken Down by the trade He was a character in His fifties with A hand-tooled belt … Continue reading

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Did You Ride?

by RD Armstrong I rode with the Hessians Back in the late 70s But I grew out of it By the time I was in my 20s Had to spend a year in county To learn my lesson But I … Continue reading

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