Counter Revolutionary Poems #6 (Symbols)

by Michael D. Grover

Our national monuments are protected with guns now
They are much safer than we are

I remember living in Philly
I would watch the snipers watch the liberty bell
From the tower looking over it

They are protected from people like us
People that feel abandoned
let go
Treated like a red headed step child

They are protected because they are symbols
They mean more than us
Because they send us a message
We have to stand at salute
Every time we see them
As soon as we’re out of the metal detector

& what does a bell that doesn’t work symbolize
A bell that worked in design
Maybe that does tell us something

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1 Response to Counter Revolutionary Poems #6 (Symbols)

  1. Joyce Juzwik says:

    ‘We have to stand at salute, Every time we see them, As soon as we’re out of the metal detector’. Perfectly describes the hypocrisy of today. Symbols are priceless and fiercely protected. But what are they really worth unless there is substance behind them? If we are not measuring up to what they represent, how much value do they, or we as a society, really have? Excellent piece.

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