Sensational eye (s)

by Gabrielle Bryden

Let the words speak for themselves,
they are old enough now,
they don’t need a grown up to speak for them,

a shocking cover image
of violence wrapped up in nothing,
to titillate the obtuse
who don’t read poetry,

but who will buy the book
to impress their
ephemeral friends,

who wouldn’t know a:

metaphor from megalomaniac
simile from sham
rhythm from retribution
rhyme from rank amateur
assonance from asshole
alliteration from arrogance
symbols from sycophant
allusions from delusions (of grandeur)
verse from verisimilitude
enjambment from entrapment
Homer from hypocrite.

Let the words speak for themselves,
we will listen,
but only if they are old enough to stand alone
and speak eloquently for themselves.

*Gabrielle Bryden is an Australian poet. In 2009 she won first prize in Ripples magazine’s poetry competition. Her poem ‘Fortune Teller’ is published in the book ‘Short and Twisted 2010’.

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10 Responses to Sensational eye (s)

  1. O, how wonderfully expressed, Gabrielle! :-))

  2. Joyce Juzwik says:

    Beautifully written. We should not exclusively seek images that excite and incite. Words. Therein lies the treasure.

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  4. Thanks dldselfnarration and Joyce 🙂

  5. Selma says:

    Just brilliant. Gabrielle Bryden is one of the best poets we have in Australia at the moment, in my view. So nice to see her work being featured here!

  6. gnunn says:

    Superb Gabe! These, like all of your words, speak clearly and stand up for themselves!

  7. adeeyoyo says:

    Brilliantly written, Gabe!

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