shotgun house

by DB Cox

rotting bones
watched over
by three ceramic angels
casting cold eyes
over a weed covered
yard of wrecked cars
& a black cat
under a front-porch swing
that dangles
like a hanged man
from a single chain

a derelict mockingbird
rests on the rusty
frame of a 1964 mustang
& sings forgotten songs
stolen from
an unknown bluesman
who once slept here

small truths falling
in 6/8 time–
12-bar compositions
concerning louisiana
hurricanes with hellish
ladies names
& skies
that won’t stop crying

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3 Responses to shotgun house

  1. Joyce Juzwik says:

    Paints a picture of loss and heartache. After any disaster, it isn’t just a building that’s destroyed. That building was filled with real people, memories and life, love lost and found… Well done.

  2. db cox says:

    thanks for taking the time to read and comment

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