Warped American Dream

by Doug Draime

No one in my
home town knew
the connection
Little Richard
Norman Mailer

I would listen
to Long Tall Sally
the flip side
Jenny, Jenny
on my 45 RPM
locked up in
my room
for days,
while I read
Mailer’s White Negro

My father and grandparents
wanted to have me
and my chicken shit friends
bad mouthed
me behind
my back,
because I
listened to
nigger music
and read
strange books

Sex/ drinking/
reading and
rock ‘n roll
were the only
things that
filled me with
life and
Everything else
was dead
and false

I was surrounded
by bigots
and the ignorant,
even those my
age whose
spirits and
had been
blotted or
wiped out
or maybe
they were born
that way:
poor white
the mutated
off shoots
of the warped

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