A Novel Observation – American Truth Chronicles #10

by Craig Firsdon

Today you can walk down any street,
cruise any highway,
look in any window
and see nothing but unwritten novels
on the virgin canvas of the human spirit
sacrificed by illiteracy and ignorance,
epics that would make Gilgamesh
as sweet and unimportant as the Three Little Pigs.

The truth is children no longer sit and listen
to stories from their grandparents
of times when things where different,
when things were “better”,
before technology, terrorists, politicians and Hollywood
fucked things up for this generation,
the next and the foreseeable future of humanity.

What I would give to see tears
and smiles on the youngest of us.
Just one singular sensational moment
for that brief flicker to appear in a little one’s eyes
and then extinguish itself
before eventually fueling the fire
that burns through their fears
to ignite immortal passions and dreams,
a childhood fable exploding to life, becoming reality.

Afterwards you will come to one conclusion,
and only that one, simple, undeniable solution:
Things are not as they should be.
The machine is broken
Life is broken.
Pinnochio’s dreams have come true
giving away hopes and dreams to be a human boy
forever living in a prison of strings
spun by our own mistakes, fears and ignorance

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