by John Rocco

After the $30 lap dance
the nineteen-year-old stripper
told me
that the world was going to end soon
next year
two years the latest
and this was only her
second night working at the club.

After the second $30 lap dance
told me the government was
secretly weeding out the population
and soon it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.
the government was going to clean up
the world and kill most of the people
and the only place to go
to survive
would be the wilds of Australia
and she was going as soon
as she had enough money.

After the third and fourth and fifth
$30 lap dance
I didn’t care about the
Apocalypse anymore
I just had her
step on my
hard dick
with her high heels
her long brown hair
drowning my face
my hands running up
the long legs that
would outlive
us all.

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