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by Anita McQueen The streets my only escape nonchalant walk at first then running night faces in windows macabre yellow eyes hidden hands reaching somewhere a crescent moon lighting a dancing crowd where the new world begins.

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Memorial Day 2010

(for Heather) I’ve never understood the rhetoric of Memorial Day and the honoring of those heroes who gave their lives for our country. Honor the dead, by all means yes, but please spare me the propaganda about how they gave … Continue reading

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by Jay Passer I roam the streets in need of a fix. her body is the city, bridges closed, bus lines clotted, power out. I’m paranoid, delusional, deviant, unintelligible, derelict, criminal, shabby, and lost. she is a world paved over … Continue reading

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The Biggest Loser

by Don McIver Videos stream the oil dumping from a pipe 5000 feet below the ocean surface, and the brown, goopy, molasses like substance is scooped up in a reporters hand from the side of a boat. Interviews are granted, … Continue reading

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Nato kills 100 civilians in Libya raids

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by Doug Draime I couldn’t tell whether she was a man or woman at first. I took the bottle anyway. It was four in the morning and the rain was beginning to fall, as we huddled together in the alley … Continue reading

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