Did You Ride?

by RD Armstrong

I rode with the Hessians
Back in the late 70s
But I grew out of it
By the time I was in my 20s
Had to spend a year in county
To learn my lesson
But I also learned a bunch
Of other stuff like how to
Live right with Jesus

Do you know Jesus?

I’ve been told I
Look like a lot of
Other people:
Jeff Bridges
Charlie Bukowski
Will Clarke
The Colonel (not
The chicken guy
But the wino that
Lives over the
Crab shack)
Lefty of Bakersfield
(‘cept his left hand was gone)
Somebody every
Drunken slob knows
From somewhere
The guy who will
Loan anyone a
Few bucks until payday

But at this point in
The conversation
I am wondering
Which is better

To be confused
With some long
Haired freak on a bike
Or some long
Haired freak on a cross

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