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Dodo Bird

by Michael Estabrook Never thought in a million years I’d be sitting here in my doctor’s office in my underwear reading Arthritis Today Magazine. Whatever happened to the high school gymnast, the college swim team member, the Karate and Kung … Continue reading

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Please Permit Me to Introduce Myself

by Melanie Browne I’ve only been around about 41 years, I was born too late to see Woodstock, or even Altamont and I’m still really bummed about it, I was around when Tammy Faye’s mascara began to run, I didn’t … Continue reading

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by Jim Wittenberg no job to lose my soul doing no friends close by the room is barely affordable empty except for a borrowed couch you’ve taken my son threatening to never let me see him again I’m going to … Continue reading

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Bone Silence by Peycho Kanev

get it here

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My Mother’s Hands

by Mathew Richard Carter Those heavy brown doors open the same way every time, the push of a metal rod to enter the cafeteria and walk alone among the crowd. The empty table has my name all over it – … Continue reading

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heaven’s gate

by Erik Fuhrer I composed heaven’s gate for you sounds like: silence of grey snow a trumpet of fire rising behind clouds looks like: tall stick figure waving its swinging life that is you you are thin now without the … Continue reading

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by Michael H. Brownstein The ghost in the forest hypothesis states that if you remove an organism from an ecosystem, it will affect other organisms that relied on that organism for their survival. The area where this organism once inhabited … Continue reading

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The Empty Skeleton Line

by Melanie Browne this line is empty, a whispering skeleton, I lean in closer trying to make sense of the senseless but clearly it’s a madman, wearing only one shoe, when he falls asleep he’s chased by Cerberus, I think … Continue reading

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by J. F. Juzwik I really think I need to come in out of the cold As a little girl I stood Jeans, sneakers and pigtails Looking in all the windows At all the prissy bigger girls Party dresses, pumps … Continue reading

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Airport Bar

by John Rocco I worked in an airport bar for years where I saw the worst minds of every generation and flight number drunk during delays, cursing me for the high prices, cursing me for the delays and the weather, … Continue reading

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Drinking the Last Beer

by James Babbs sitting in my own kitchen drinking the last beer of the night and of course I’m thinking about women the ones I couldn’t get the ones who never wanted me and I’m contemplating death not necessarily my … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want Your Facebook

by James Babbs I don’t want your Facebook I don’t need your emails asking me to be your friend I want a real person standing in front of me someone who can touch me someone willing to talk to me … Continue reading

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my new chap

you can buy a copy of my new chap The Fury of Sparrows here:

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Say Cheese

by Ryan Quinn Flanagan Some guy was stabbed in Queens last night trying to aid a woman being attacked by a mugger and as he lay dying on the sidewalk his fellow citizens walked by for more than an hour; … Continue reading

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by Richard Godwin The sun is dying on the terrace As the leaves decay On our Abandoned lawn And I watch my Marriage fall apart I tinker with the wreck of An old car That lies at the edge of … Continue reading

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by Steven Gulvezan You shouldn’t have done it— Not that saying that makes any difference… You’re beyond any communication Which I, or anyone, can impart to you now – I know you were young And humiliated… Ashamed that lots of … Continue reading

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A Short History of the Deported

by David Chorlton They came from all directions, first the east, then the south, then they seemed to come out of the earth itself and after they had left came back with the same bad habits they took with them … Continue reading

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