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Top of the World

by John Rocco I was in a bar I hadn’t been in for a long time because I had avoided it. This guy at the end of the bar who I had never seen before got up and came over … Continue reading

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Above All The Marshes

by Paul Vincent Andrews My Halo walks with me through the Marsh her booted feet tip tap my breathing chest as we move further through ancient estuaries where heavenly compost ignites blue methane known locally as Will o’ the wisps … Continue reading

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by Chris Butler Barack Hussein Obama Bin Laden sells cigarettes and powerball tickets to concerned citizens in the picket at the ground zero 7/11, where jumper angels drop from a burning heaven, rather than choke to death on black smoke … Continue reading

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by Lyn Lifshin anything can slither in thru, a rat, a gun. I didn’t think of sun or a wind of plums and roses. The hole maybe from what is torn in your heart, a tear that sends blood swilling … Continue reading

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The Ugliest Piñata

by Melanie Browne She was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, her family sold piñatas from the back of a truck, he could see her that day as he pulled his car over to the shoulder of the busy … Continue reading

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noble cow

by The Poet Spiel we know not to starve a child of touch yet as a lone male in the public forum i could be busted for touch or even approach of a child i believe to be under abuse … Continue reading

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running the rag

by Paul Harrison over and across these surfaces of my confinement lifting ridges and clumps of dust i think of death and the evidence all around how dust and books were made for each other how all the mothers and … Continue reading

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by Mather Scheider I don’t like to have my face touched even in tenderness. I don’t like to be looked at too long. Molars of life big as the moon crunch and grind our lives. We smile if we can … Continue reading

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by Mather Schneider The tomatoes are choking in the grass and the sun beats down on us with our wrong names and bowlegs and our faces depressed and angry for too many reasons no one can name them all and … Continue reading

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More Than The Alley

by Doug Draime I fought in alleys as a kid, in the small town alleys of Vincennes and the city, steel- sot alleys of Pittsburgh, for no other reason than I had to fight. It was something unavoidable, destined. By … Continue reading

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Churchill blamed for Indian famine that killed three million

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Sleepover at Beatrice’s

by George Anderson One night I was sitting at the kitchen table with the old man laced to his beer & listening, once again in a caustic way to his crude repertoire of jokes & one liners. ‘I’m not prejudiced’, … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Nowhere New York

by Alan Catlin She spent her time between Long Island and Paradise and he divided his between New York and Never Never Land, their primary functions in life: clubbing, texting, doping and screwing, often all at the same time, like … Continue reading

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Movie Review

by John Rocco I threw up an entire summer license plates and fish heads at the movies during INCEPTION which will always be a vomit dream for me the dream wave cities my puke waves covering my sneakers filling my … Continue reading

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Turning In

by Rose Aiello Morales Peel back the covers like the pungent skin of a red tinged onion; memory of the fumes comes back again, searing my eyes and causing new tears to wash away the old. I have walked through … Continue reading

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“A never-ending song”

by Santosh Kalwar If music is food of life then let me be never hungry. If life is, let me suffer every day. If love is, let me feel it in my every breath. If friendship is, let me never … Continue reading

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by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal Severed head scarecrow looks like the aimless horseman without a horse. The crows help themselves to the corn surrounding the scarecrow’s head. The farmer’s back near the farmhouse resting from a hard day’s work. His shotgun … Continue reading

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by Richard Godwin They were peopled with the glass relics of old saints and porters with empty cases who came seeking death in all its dark manifestations while the midnight moth of memory scattered its fine dust before dawn For … Continue reading

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I See Your Naked Body in Tinsel Tabloids

by Peter Magliocco Who rehabs all the overweight flesh which passes for a Hollywood star’s brain-span: Charlie Sheen’s commercial circumambulates the nether-parts his Hanes’ briefs fail to cover … Tiger Woods swigs back the endless ambrosia of Gatorade to perpetuate … Continue reading

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12 U.S. soldiers killed Afghans, mutilated corpses


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Her Last Shift at the Bar

by John Rocco Aleister Crowley had an Ozzy song named after him and while alive was called the “wickedest man in the world.” He called himself the Beast of the Apocalypse, 666 and invented a religion based upon the principle … Continue reading

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by Stephanie Wytovich I picked you from the phone book I liked the way your name sounded It rolled off my lips Because it sounded exotic People stared at me on the bus I guess they frown When you masturbate … Continue reading

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Peddling for Power

by Mathew Richard Carter They used to shuffle bricks of the shit on turncoat territory, feeding the heads of a generation lost to the solid, steel rebellion of inserted needle youth. Ribbons of light would grace the skin on a … Continue reading

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brillo pads

by Carl Miller Daniels the swans floating on the lake are dirty and gritty, their long necks muted with grime. the swans no longer seem to be able to clean themselves, or each other. they are not pure and white … Continue reading

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A Sweetish Sting

by Debrenee Adkisson What I wanted was the slim drip of crystal fluid in my right vein, a candy-coated purple pill, a glass of ice shards, a blanket heated by an oven. Peace and relative quiet. The bats had begun … Continue reading

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I Wanted to Write About Loneliness

by James Babbs opening the front door entering these silent rooms again and I watch the sunlight falling over the gray carpet I wanted to write about loneliness but I got on the computer and googled the name of a woman … Continue reading

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