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Top of the World

by John Rocco I was in a bar I hadn’t been in for a long time because I had avoided it. This guy at the end of the bar who I had never seen before got up and came over … Continue reading

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Above All The Marshes

by Paul Vincent Andrews My Halo walks with me through the Marsh her booted feet tip tap my breathing chest as we move further through ancient estuaries where heavenly compost ignites blue methane known locally as Will o’ the wisps … Continue reading

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by Chris Butler Barack Hussein Obama Bin Laden sells cigarettes and powerball tickets to concerned citizens in the picket at the ground zero 7/11, where jumper angels drop from a burning heaven, rather than choke to death on black smoke … Continue reading

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by Lyn Lifshin anything can slither in thru, a rat, a gun. I didn’t think of sun or a wind of plums and roses. The hole maybe from what is torn in your heart, a tear that sends blood swilling … Continue reading

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The Ugliest Piñata

by Melanie Browne She was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, her family sold piñatas from the back of a truck, he could see her that day as he pulled his car over to the shoulder of the busy … Continue reading

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noble cow

by The Poet Spiel we know not to starve a child of touch yet as a lone male in the public forum i could be busted for touch or even approach of a child i believe to be under abuse … Continue reading

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running the rag

by Paul Harrison over and across these surfaces of my confinement lifting ridges and clumps of dust i think of death and the evidence all around how dust and books were made for each other how all the mothers and … Continue reading

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