his heart knows the way

by D.B. Cox

— for R.L. Burnside (Bluesman 1926-2005)

in front of a soundless band
in a blinding-white suit
a delta angel’s
guitar speaks—
a timeless language
no longer spoken
by common man—
an indigo solo
in free-time
by meter—
an uncluttered
country road
to a secret destination
the congregation
moves in sync
with the non-beat
to ride the bus
to the end of the line—
the guitar-man
sways in place
eyes closed
driving blind
no need
for highway signs
his north mississippi heart
knows the way

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1 Response to his heart knows the way

  1. db cox says:

    R. L. Burnside was a North Mississippi country blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist who lived much of his life in and around Holly Springs, Mississippi. He played music for much of his life, but did not receive much attention until the early 1990s. His 1996 album A Ass Pocket of Whiskey gained massive critical acclaim.

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