by J. F. Juzwik

What is it that drives you on?
The doors to dreams have begun to close
And the vultures at your heels?
They are gaining
And growing
In number
Perhaps as their desire for blood
Yours turns to obsession
For those you have hunted
Your prey tires
And you stand ready
You have always been ready
You will be merciful
At the kill
They will then be cast aside
And you will asume their throne
As is your destiny
But they who stalk you will show no mercy
When you tire
And you will
So whatever it is that drives you on
Come to know it well
And as you fall
Despair not
Remember what you knew at the onset
The selection of victor or victim was never yours to make
As, for the role you have chosen in this scenario
They are truly one and the same

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4 Responses to TRUTH

  1. David Barber says:

    Poetry is not one of my strong points but I’m getting there with it and great pieces like this are so helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joyce I really like this it is ambivalent as all great poetry is and also strangely old fashioned which adds to its effectiveness. A brilliant build up of meaning and imagery.

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